Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Hi All!

Yesterday was a big old bummer of a day. I slept pretty much all day and when I was awake I felt like going back to sleep. How exciting!

Luckily, a good dose of Tylenol and some more sleep last night knocked the rest of my fever out and this morning I am almost back to normal. My normal temp is a bit lower than average - it is 97.6 or so most days. This is why I have a hard time explaining to the doctor that 99.5 IS a temp for me worth being worried about. Anyway - it is normal again so . . . .

I have a question for all you bloggers out there. Do you look to see where all of your readers come from?

The little Feed-it box on my blog has intrigued me from the moment I put it on my site. Every day when I finish blogging and reading the blogs I am addicted to, I check the little box to see where people have come from lately. I even keep track of the cities, states, and countries.

Hubby says it gives me something to do. I personally think it is neat that so many different people from so many different places actually visit my humble little blog. True, many of them get to my blog by mistake. They search things on google which are totally unrelated to what I am blathering about and - voila! They end up on my blog! I sometimes wonder if they count as actual "readers" because I am sure they high tail it right off my blog as soon as they realize that my "naughty knees" are not exactly what they were looking for.However, they came so I count them!

Am I the only one with this obsession?

No walking or weights either yesterday or today. I plan on getting going tomorrow again with the routine.


Voice Update: As I was asleep most of yesterday it is hard to really get a good "fix" on my voice level. I did do my massage twice yesterday and one time included the "thumper" massager. We will see what today brings!


Flea said...

That is the coolest little box! I'll have to get one. I go to my Google analytics occasionally to see what's going on with my blog. I just don't know where I'd put one of those boxes. Time to clean house on the blog!

noble pig said...

Glad you are feeling better!

I'm sure it's interesting where people come from however, when I did a story about what people dislike about blogs a lot of people said they felt violated by that box, that it was too big brother like and wouldn't go back to certain blogs that had it. For me, it doesn't bother me at all and would be interesting to track.

Mental P Mama said...

Glad you are better...I love to look at my traffic stats, too;)

Chris H said...

I do ... but not too often! I have a thingee in my sidebar that shows where all me readers are from.. to date it's up to 121 countries, with there being about 196 in the world! So that's very interesting.

Chris H said...

DRAT... forgot to say I'm so glad you are feeling better! I was worried about you.

Anonymous said...

I like the stats, and it doesn't bother me to see it on other blogs!

I'm glad you're feeling better!