Saturday, August 6, 2011

The White Cliffs of Dover

Hi All!

The new washer is working well and the new oven is sitting in my entryway just waiting to be installed.

Our AC shut down yesterday for about four hours and after waiting for the repair guys to come out, we found out that our new, high tech unit shut itself off because the power grid is having some brownouts due to the increased demand caused by the heat (It has been above 100 degrees for the past 30 something days in a row and has been hovering around 110 for the past week or so).

The AC shut itself off so that the lower power didn't hurt the control boards. Nice, huh? Since we have a "high tech" unit, we will suffer through outages if and when the power grid has brownouts. Wonderful!

Anyway - just another "fun" thing in our lives!

In addition to AC trials, Hubby and I have been fighting off various levels of illness. Hubby actually got so bad yesterday that he called Doc Feely and got some antibiotics and a powerful cough medicine. Me - I am not nearly so bad so I just made sure that I slept a lot yesterday. Hopefully, that will stem the illness from getting any worse!

Well, I promised some vacation pictures so . . . . here we got. Today I am showing you some photos of Dover, England, home of the famous White Cliffs of Dover. The white cliffs are chalk and really are impressive in person.

Unfortunately, our view of the cliffs was a bit hazy due to the wet, rainy weather. Also, since we had just traveled for over 36 hours straight and were a bit tired, we didn't take a whole lot of pictures.

Enjoy what we did take!


Voice Update: Doing well but the coughing thing isn't doing my voice much good. Hopefully I can keep the coughs at bay so they don't mess with my voice too much!


Mental P Mama said...

Beautiful! Feel better;)

Dianne said...

I love your photos, especially the lighthouse

we're having power issues here in NJ as well

hope both you and hubby feel better soon

Chris H said...

Wow you went a long way for your holiday!
The lighthouse is gorgeous! I love lighthouses. lol