Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Squirrel Visit

Hi All!

Happily, my eye infection is on the decline. The blood is all gone - a wonderful sign! However, my eye still hurts -back behind my eyeball. This happens mostly when I am tired - have been using my eyes a lot. For example - when I am communicating in sign language which is all visual, my eye starts to hurt after a while (a couple hours).

Maybe I should call the doctor and ask if this is "normal" for an eye infection. What do you think?

In other news, we have been having daily visits from a friendly male squirrel. I am positive that the visits have NOTHING to do with the food that is out (including some less than edible berries. Edible to humans that is!) and more with the fact that he LIKES US! Yeah, right!
Here is our friend trying very hard to get into our bird feeder. So far, he hasn't managed to figure out how to get the seed but, maybe he will someday!
Then we will need to buy another, more squirrel-proof feeder to continue the "game."

You might ask how we are sure that Mr. Squirrel is a Mr. and not a Mrs. or a Ms. Well, let's just say that there are times when he really "lets it all hang out." If you look very carefully at this picture, you will see what I mean. I apologize for the darkness of the picture but it is taken through tinted windows and from the shadows.

After munching on our fruit offerings (which are more for the birds than for Mr. Squirrel but they are willing to share!), Mr. Squirrel sometimes likes to take a nap on the fence. I have been trying to capture this particular pose for quite a while but, normally, he scurries away while I get my camera ready and I miss the shot.


Doesn't he look comfortable?


Skor has really been enjoying Mr. Squirrel's visits. Sitting on the kitchen windowsill (the feeder is right outside the kitchen window), Skor "chats" to the squirrel the entire length of his visit and then looks quite forlorn when Mr. Squirrel flits off to visit another family or feeder. Sometimes, Skor remains at the window waiting in vain for his little friend to return.


Hubby and I are just happy that our plan for a "kitty entertainment center" has worked out so well. Between the feeder, the plants, the bird bath, and the fruit offerings, Skor has a lot to watch during the day. This keeps him busy and keeps his mind off of other, possibly more destructive, ventures.


Now, if we could just keep Miss Cleo from opening all of the closets when she is bored . . .




Voice Update: Still doing really well. My throat is a bit "crunchier" than usual but I am starting to really work on that. I need to get out the "thumper" to help me in the process.


Mental P Mama said...

LOL...oh he will figure out how to get the seed. They are geniuses. And that resting pose is the funniest thing! He must be all tired from the heat!!

Chris H said...

I'm glad your eye is better, if sore still.
The squirrel is very cute... I'm surprised Skor does not want to chase it!