Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Musings

Hi All!

Happy Monday!

If only I felt as happy as I would like you to feel!

Well, actually, I don't feel too bad at the moment. There was a nice rainstorm last night (and I LOVE rain) and my morning walk was beautiful. I was greeted by this wonderful sunrise when I left my house.

Hopefully, I have gotten the spacing down on the blog for today - I am dabbling in HTML code . . . However, I still am not sure what I am doing with the pictures.
If this text is in the correct spot, it should be after the picture of my neighbor's tulips. I should have taken the picture yesterday because the rain got to some of the blooms!

Okay - this picture should be of one of the "lovely" ant hills which pop up right after the rain. Don't step in them!

I "helped" this frog get up on the curb to the grass before a car smooshed him. He didn't look too thankful.

Hubby and I finally go the last of the old shrubs out of the flowerbed (okay - only one half of it) and planted our remaining shrub. Now to get more mulch to finish the job!

In other news, I have been sufferring from some weird gunk. At first I thought it was just drainage from allergies but this morning my throat is sore when I cough (to try to clear the gunk - which is not good for my voice, I know!) and my voice sounds like it has gone down about four octaves.

I am supposed to have a night observation again tonight but I am wondering if I should cancel due to illness. Of course, am I really sick or is it just drainage? How do you know?

Did I tell you that our air conditioner picked yesterday to start blowing hot air instead of cold air? No? Of course, it had to be a day when the temps were hovering around 90 degrees!

Such are the troubles of living in Texas!

I do wonder just what is going on since the AC guys were out in February to check everything out and said everything was fine. I guess we will find out, won't we?


Voice Update: This morning it sounds like I have dropped a few octaves and that I am losing my voice. Again - is this due to "gunk" or is it due to illness? Who knows???


Elizabeth said...

Loved the tulips and the little frog!

Do hope your throat clears up!

House of Milk said...

Darn those unappreciative frogs! I try to help worms and lizards off the hot pavement, and never a word of thanks from them either. :)