Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lunch Out!

Hi All!

For some odd reason, Blogger has pushed me into this tiny little font and this odd looking font and the buttons to change it have disappeared! What is up with that?

Oh well! I guess I will just keep this short and sweet!

Okay - totally figured it out! I need to be in the "compose" window and not the "Edit Html" window. Duh!

Anyway - I am going out for lunch today! A while back (probably longer back than I would like to think about), a friend and I decided that we needed to have a lunch out every month. We settled on the first Tuesday of each month and have done a pretty good job of keeping that promise.

Sometimes, we have to take a break from our lunches but we always try to get back on track when we can.

Today is our monthly lunch out! I can't wait!

This will be a good time to catch up on things and treat myself and spend time with a good friend - just what I need!

Have I mentioned that I can't wait?

In other news, I now have 112.5 observation hours out of the required 200! Yeah me! It seems impossible that I have gotten that many hours but, when I think about it . . . I totally remember sitting for that long!

Maybe 200 hours IS within my reach! I guess we will find out, won't we!

Yesterday Hubby and I went grocery shopping. Why, oh why do I do this? Hubby is NOT a patient grocery shopper! He grumbles and complains and looks at his watch multiple times are we trot up and down the aisles. Then - to make things more "festive" he declines to have an opinion about anything I am purchasing.

"Would you like some steak to grill?"

"I don't know."

"How about if I make pizza dough and we can have grilled pizza this week?"



I would just like to trip him sometimes when he gets like this. When we get home he has a definite opinion.

"Why didn't you buy any steak?"

"I couldn't find any that I liked."

"Weren't you going to make pizza dough tonight (this is said at about 11:00 P.M.)?"


At least he does try to make up for being frustrating. He cut up strawberries and cleaned raspberries (which had been squished in the bag on the way home - thank you very much bag boy!) without needing to be asked. That is a good thing!

Overall, I guess he comes out way ahead on the "good husband" scales so I shouldn't complain.

I also shouldn't take him grocery shopping again anytime soon!


Voice Update: Still hanging in there with the massage and exercises. The oral reading isn't going too well but . . . I have hope!


Mental P Mama said...

LOL.. I don't think I've ever been to the grocery store with my husband!

Elizabeth said...

I love the glimpses of your life!
Greetings from Florence!

Diane said...

I dislike shopping with the old goat sometimes. He has an opinion about EVERYTHING. On the upside, if he's there, he tends to complain about cost less. Sometimes when I come home, he doesn't understand "how I can spend so much!"
Have a fun lunch!