Monday, November 22, 2010

Guessing Game Time!

Hi All!

Well - it is that time to guess where Hubby and I have been! The first person to correctly guess three of the places we have visited(and I will be describing) over the next few days will get a wonderful prize from me in the mail!

Just a note: you must correctly identify the places we visit and NOT our method of transportation to said places!

Let's start.


Today Hubby and I woke up deliciously late (we can sleep in with no four legged alarm clocks waking us at four in the morning!) and headed to the dining room for a nice luncheon with two other couples.

Then we headed down the gangplank and onto a "safari style" taxi for the jaunt into town. When we alit from the taxi we headed to a kind of a bazaar/flea market kind of a situations and then off to the "real" stores.

Joining another couple, we shouted "Cariloha" out into the street to earn a free bamboo necklace each. Then we bought some nice bamboo sheets and a bamboo towel set (for me) to be shipped to our home in about two weeks.

Then we wandered the gauntlet of jewelry and souvenir stores being told over and over that the "best deals" were just inside the door of whichever establishment was being passed at the time.

We paused in our wanderings to look out over the harbor and to contemplate a taxi ride up to Meaghan's Bay. Deciding that we should just finish out walk and head to the local grocery store to stock up on water and Diet Coke, we caught a passing taxi and were whisked back to our mobile hotel.

Tonight we woke from a lovely nap (again sans felines) and went to dinner. Yum!

Tomorrow we will be in a totally different place for you to guess.

By the way, the aforementioned felines are being well taken care of by our friends D and C who say that they have seen two sets of eyes but no actual cats so far.


Voice Update: So far I have managed to get most of my massage in but I haven't done too well with the exercises. It is just tough to continue my routine of doing the exercises whenever I am in a vehicle when there are many other people in the same vehicle who would look at me oddly if I did my exercises! I will find a way!

Susan was pleased with how well I am doing with my voice. I had a bout with my back about four days before I saw her and that caused my neck to tighten up significantly. By the time I saw Susan I had managed to get most of the kinks worked out . . . not all but most!

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Flea said...

St. Thomas! You're in the Virgin Islands! KEWL!!!