Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weekend Views

Hi All!

Once again I didn't get to post yesterday since I was out of the house early for an observation assignment. I am sure you all missed me!

Anyway - this weekend was full of fun and surprises! I am going to tell you about everything sort of out of order but . . . you will get the drift, I am sure!

Just look at this beautiful sunset! I took about a million pictures of this while Hubby and I were out spelunking.
Okay - technically, we were NOT exploring caves but we have adopted the term "spelunking" to reference our hunts for golf balls at the local course.
It is a great place for me to take pictures too!

There is a nice little lake with a waterway just full of water plants and edged by plants starting to be tinged with fall color.

Sitting on the stone overflow outlet is the favorite way to sun for the local turtles. I know that this shot if far away but I don't have a good zoom lens at the moment and if I get closer the turtles slide off into the water!

Hubby wished he had brought his net with him once he saw this bounty of golf balls. He wasn't willing to take a dip to get them though - he has "been there, done that" before!
So - don't you wish you could have gone walking with us while we were hunting golf balls? Well, Hubby was hunting, I was busy taking pictures of the sunset!
Voice Update: Doing pretty well even though my throat is getting tight. I am trying to get that massage to loosen it up but . . . it is taking a while. I AM doing the massage and making sure I talk enough to keep things going!


Mental P Mama said...

LOL...They call golf, "A good walk, spoiled" I have to agree. Those balls looked so conveniently placed there! And I love the sunset shots!

Chris H said...

So, what do you do with all the golf balls you collect? And I would have got wet for all those balls in the water!

Diane said...

That top picture is amazing! I love it!