Thursday, September 23, 2010


Hi All!

Yesterday was another early assignment for my practicum class so I didn't get to blog. I missed you!

My day went really well - and really not well - yesterday!

It started out with me getting up half an hour early to squeeze my walk and swim in before my assignment. It was weird walking in the dark and swimming in the pool with the lights on. Sometimes it was almost peaceful and sometime it was a little creepy. Like when I thought I saw someone standing by the pool out of the corner of my eye and it was only the vine on the fence!

Swimming and walking did feel good and I am happy that I did it. I don't know if I would get up early every day to do it but . . . it was nice and refreshing (and maybe just a tinge chilly) yesterday!

Then I got ready and hopped in my beautiful car - you remember my "new" car. It is only a couple months old. I love this car!

I was headed to my first assignment and stopped at the stoplight. There was a big, red pick-up truck being driven by a high school boy behind me. Stopped. Well, until he pulled up and hit me! Now, it wasn't a hard hit. It wasn't at any kind of speed. But, it was definitely a hit. In fact, he had to back his truck up after hitting me so he wasn't still touching my bumper!

Out of the car I got to inspect for damage. The boy - he stayed in his truck looking like he was scared to death. I looked at the bumper of my car and all around - couldn't see a problem so - after a bit of a blare at the boy - I hopped back in the car and headed out.

According to Hubby this was very unwise! He says I need to always get a phone number and name in situations like this because I might find damage later. I know, I know BUT - I have looked at the car at least three other times (in bright sunlight too) and have not seen as much as a scratch!

Not the best way to start my day!

As least my first assignment went well.

Between assignments I had about half an hour for lunch. I decided to stop at a Mexican restaurant I see a lot while driving around. It turned out to be a nice time. The food was good - if a little cold by the time it reached me - and the service was fabulous. Because I was the only customer there! Needless to say, they don't get a big lunch crowd at this place. My meal cost a total of $5.41 and I got in an out within the allotted half hour. Nice.

Then I headed off to my next assignment. I parked where I was told to park and then got totally lost finding where I needed to be! I walked and walked and walked. After finding the correct place, I noticed that my feet hurt a bit. Hmmm. Oh well- focus on the job at hand. Then we had to walk to another site in the middle of the job. Again - the feet seemed a bit . . . tender.

After the job I once more checked out my bumper (still didn't see anything) and headed for home. Thinking the entire time that my feet hurt.

When I got home I promptly changed clothes and took off my shoes and socks. Imagine my surprise when I saw HUGE blisters on each foot. The blisters were (are) at the base of my toes spanning the entire distance from the inside of my foot, across the area of my big toe, to the middle of my foot. On both feet! These things are big and nasty.

I hate blisters.

With these blisters acting like big airbags on the bottom of my feet, walking was a bit of an issue last night. I hobbled around like I was decrepit. Maybe I was. I will have to look up the meaning of that word!

Anyway - I soaked my feet. It felt good but did nothing to help the blisters. Then I read my medical "home remedy" book which I have had for years. It always give me good advice (and tells when you should go to a doctor) so . . . I followed its advice and "popped" the blisters.

Now, don't go imagining the worst. I actually punctured the blisters with a sterilized needle in the proper way to drain the liquid from the blisters without exposing the area to infection. Let me just say that there was a LOT of liquid in each of these blisters! Wow!

After letting the liquid out I liberally coated each blister site with antibiotic ointment, put on clean socks and went to bed. My feet still hurt like the dickens.

This morning things are better - my feet still hurt but I can walk without wanting to cry - and hopefully, thing will just keep getting better!

What a day!


Voice Update: Still doing okay - I did a lot of talking to my interpreters during the two assignments I had so I didn't do my oral reading (I am procrastinating so much on that - need to put a Post-it on my forehead to tell me to do it!) last night. Besides, the feet sort of took my focus off my voice.

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