Tuesday, October 11, 2011

So Pretty!

Hi All!

Things in life are a bit "confused" these days for me so it is wonderful that I can go out to my garden and see this beauty.
Such lovely Columbine (which isn't supposed to be able to live in my climate!) and a Cone Flower - which I thought was dead!

 On my way home one evening from class I saw some lovely cloud formations!

 I couldn't quite get the right shot to show the nice pinkish red coloration that was in the sky!

It was a perfect day for finding shapes in the clouds.  What do you see?



Jeannelle said...

Lovely flower photos! I thought I saw a leaping horse in the cloud photo.

Your blog template brings back memories....it was the one I chose when I first started blogging. You'd better keep it as a collector's item for I don't think Blogger offers it anymore.

Chris H said...

I'm sorry! I just see clouds!
pretty wee flowers... have a lovely day.

Audrey said...

I love these pictures!