Friday, June 5, 2009

By Jove . . .

Hi All!

Don't hold your breathe but . . . .I think Skor has figured out the whole "don't bother Mommy while she is sleeping" thing. I know, incredible, right?

This morning, Skor came in and meowed twice and then plopped down (and I do mean PLOPPED!) next to me and promptly went to sleep!

There was no attempting to claw my face (really kneading with claws). There was no trying to eat my earrings. There was no walking on my head. It was SOOOOO refreshing!

Now, I know that there will no doubt be set-backs in this training but . . . I am just happy that I could sleep while Skor was sleeping. I didn't have to wake up at 5:00 in the morning and STAY up!

Congrats, Skor!


Voice Update: I was a very good girl and read out loud and did my exercises yesterday! Yeah, me! I am still climbing out of my SD funk but I think it will soon be all better. Having to work on stuff for the support group meeting on June 27th (in case anyone out there is reading this and lives in the Dallas area and would like to attend the SD support group meeting - contact me for more info!) is making me work through stuff. Now, I don't know if attending the meeting and having people questions my voice will throw me back into the pool o' funk but . . . I am getting better!


Mental P Mama said...

I love Skor!

Chris H said...

Well done! NOw will you just pop over here and teach Teddy how to leave the friggin socks alone????

Flea said...

Hooray! Cats can be trained! We trained Lou not to meow at our window and wake us at 3 AM. Used water. Nearly grabbed the hose a couple of times ...