Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Boring Life?

Hi All!

Recently, someone posted on my Facebook wall that I need to post updates about my life more often.  Really?

Is my life that interesting that people want/need to know about what I am doing?

This is the second time in so many weeks that I have though about my life and if it is boring.

Last week, we had an assignment in class to tell about what we did over the past week.  While I did a lot of little stuff, it wasn't earth-shattering or even very important.  In fact, I might dare to venture that it was really quite boring.

Apparently, most of us lead boring lives.  As the class started to present information about our week, the majority of students began their discourse with some variation of "my week was really boring."


I would think that people have more interesting lives.

I guess I am wrong.

What about you?  Is your life boring?



Mental P Mama said...

I would kill for 'boring' right about now....

Dianne said...

I like to think of it as being on an even keel
with highs and lows as I travel along :)

Chris H said...

Most of the time... YES!
But there are some days that are fantastic!
I hope you have some fantastic days too.