Monday, December 6, 2010

Dominica in Pictures

Hi All!

I took a break from blogging this weekend but . . . I am back with more pictures from our trip. Today it is the lovely island of Dominica. It was VERY cloudy and rainy on the day that we were on the island so the pictures are a bit dark. Enjoy!

We pulled out of Dominica just as the sun was setting. This last picture is the view from on our balcony.
Our balcony was a nice perk for the trip. It was large enough to have two areas - one which was in view of the other people above us and another which was under cover and which was private. I spent a lot of time out on the balcony reading and enjoying the sea breezes. Now THAT is relaxation!
This weekend went quickly for me. On Saturday Hubby and I went shopping for our "angel" from church. We picked an "angel" from the "angel tree." This angel is a child who needs help to have a good Christmas. Our angel was a little girl who was 12 years old (that is all the info we got) and I had fun shopping for her. Hubby had to come along with me to buy the larger purchase - a desk - so he could help carry it to the car!
After shopping Hubby and I relaxed (okay - I relaxed and Hubby raked leaves without me knowing. I would have helped - really!). Then we spent a nice evening at home watching DVRed shows and spending time together.
On Sunday it was off to church. After church we unloaded out Angel presents and headed home. Once I got home I chatted for a while on the phone with a friend and then scooted off to the college to watch my teacher interpret a play. The play was called One Human Female and it was hilarious - and totally strange!
Right after the play I sped off in my car to the church again for handbell practice. It was nice to play again after missing two weeks while on vacation! Then it was home again for dinner (which Hubby prepared) and an evening of laundry and tidying up around the house before snoozing for the night.
That, folks, was my weekend in a nutshell.
Today I am having a slow day with the hopes of having some observations for the rest of the week.
Yes, my class will officially be over after tomorrow but I can still rack up observation hours and apply them towards next semester's practicum class (for which I need 200 hours!). I think that is a pretty good deal! So far I have five out of two hundred hours!
I hope you had a great weekend!
Voice Update: Doing okay but I probably should check in with Susan about getting an additional massage before heading to Ohio for the holidays. We will see how that goes!


Anonymous said...

Your pictures are awesome! Relaxation is so good for the soul - and S/D! LOL

Elizabeth said...

lucky you!
my husband was there but not me.
Wish I could visit there
Buster says HI!!!

Dianne said...

the dark clouds just makes the town seem even more romantic
great photos!!

Chris H said...

Sitting on a balcony of a ship just relaxing sounds like pure bliss! I'm glad you had a wonderful holiday.